Errata in Miniatures in Minutes
Despite our best efforts, a few corrections need to be made:
Page 60: The correct finished size of the Duck and Ducklings foundation is 7 1/8" by 7 1/8".
Page 66: The directions for step #2 should read:
"As you sew your foundation, you will sew through the exterior seam allowance and
skip over the interior seam allowance.  Begin just beyond the outer seam allowance
and sew up to the end of the first seam line.  Lift the needle, move the foundation,
and drop the needle back in where the next seam line begins."
Click here to open a pdf file in order to easily print off the above
Place your ruler on the 1 1/2" mark on the short line that is
just above the wording "Pyramid Triangle patch template
pattern."  The template is just slightly off size.  To fix, line
up your Draw a line across the top of the template at the 1
1/2" mark.  Please note: it is important that you place the
correction line as indicated and not across any of the other
template edges.
The illustration is a visual guide to where you should draw
your correction.  It is NOT a patch template drawn to size.
Adding Narrow Borders
Click here to download a pdf file with my technique for adding
narrow inner borders to a miniature quilt.
Civil War Crossing Miniature Quilt
Click here to open a pdf of the
foundation for making the X block.